In Memoriam

In loving memory of our Sisters, who followed in the footprints of Jesus, eagerly observing what they promised the Lord. 

  • Sister M. Anna Clare Meyer (1915-2021)

    A feeling of emptiness and a thirst to know more about God finally led Sister Anna Clare to enter our congregation. (Read more)

    Sister Anna Clare, we are most grateful for your witness to enduring faithfulness, and we will miss hearing your daily wish of “Happy Feast Day” which is now silenced forever.

  • Sister Mary Peter Gartman (1940-2020)

    Sister Mary Peter was thrilled when she was missioned at St. Vincent’s Home for Children in Freeport where she herself was nurtured and cared for in her early years.  (Read more)

    May the fullness of the resurrection experience now be yours as you see your heavenly Father face-to-face!

  • Sister Cherubim Cukla (1922-2020)

    Sister Cherubim worked as a registered Pharmacist for more than 23 years, almost half of which were spent at Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, IL.   (Read more)

    Sister Cherubim, may the angel choirs now welcome you into Paradise,
    and may your Bridegroom glorify you with a love-gift that lasts forever.

  • Sister Coletta Hennessy (1931-2019)

    Sister Coletta spent 36 years as an educator at both elementary and high school levels.  (Read more)

    Until we meet again, may God hold Sister Coletta
    in the palm of his hands.

  • Sister Mary Ann Hartz   (1934-2017)

    Sister Mary Ann was one of God’s flowers whose many years as a Franciscan Sister of the Sacred Heart added variety to our congregation.  (Read more...) 

    Sister Mary Ann, may you now rejoice and celebrate your 60th Jubilee in God’s marvelous and eternal dwelling place!

  • Sister Guadalupe De La O   (1929-2016)

    After being in education for 17 years, Sister Guadalupe ministered in Brazil for almost 28 years.  (Read more...)

    Sister Guadalupe, you have been one of our special treasures. Thank you for so visibly showing us and being for us the presence of the Lord! 

  • Sister Mary Catherine Reichert   (1920-2016)

    Sister Mary Catherine realized her first dream when she entered our congregation in 1940. Soon after Profession of Vows, she pursued her second dream—that of becoming a teacher, which she considered an awesome privilege.  (Read more...)

    Sister Mary Catherine, the Lord has certainly done marvels for you! May you now marvel at the beauty of God’s face for all eternity.

  • Sister M. Bernadette Beveridge   (1937-2016)

    Sister Bernadette said the Good Shepherd sustained her throughout her religious life and that she, in turn, tried to bring the same compassionate care to others.  (Read more...)

    Sister Bernadette, the Good Shepherd closely companioned you during life. May he now lovingly carry you in his arms into his dwelling place, your eternal “villa.” 

  • Sister M. Lorita Lawler   (1929-2016)

    Sister Lorita enjoyed a teaching career of 40+ years, during which time she deeply touched the hearts and lives of children in the primary grades.  (Read more...)

    Sister Lorita, may your name be beautifully inscribed in the Book of Life for all eternity.

  • Sister M. Josephine Rosenkranz   (1937-2016)

    Sister Josephine followed the example of her father whom she said helped everyone. She dedicated much time to special needs children, often visited the lonely and homebound, and participated in the Big Brother, Big Sister program.  (Read more...)

    Sister Josephine, may you receive a deserving reward for your love, your faithfulness, your Franciscan presence among us, your ways to make others feel better, and of course, your ability to make all of us laugh!

  • Sister Mary Jane Sola   (1920-2015)

    Sister Mary Jane was a special gift to many through her friendship, prayers and ministries of nursing for 17 years and teaching for 30+ years.  (Read more...)

    Sister Mary Jane, may St. Therese welcome you with the first rose of eternity! 

  • Sister Francelina Guimarães   (1965-2015)

    Sister did many ministries during her years—catechetical work, liturgy, vocation ministry, adult formation—but she was most happy working with bioenergetics and the medicines made from theplants, barks and roots of the Amazon jungle.  (Read more in English...)  (Read more in Portuguese)

    Sister Francelina, may your heaven be a comforting piece of the Amazon jungle with fried fish, tapioca and acai.

  • Sister Mary Shawn Mitchell   


    Wherever Sister was missioned, she gifted others with her beautiful presence. Her prayer was that everyone would come to “bless the Lord” and bow to the sacred, whenever and wherever they met it, as did St. Francis.  (Read more...)

    Sister Mary Shawn, may you be eternally happy in the Lord!

  • Sister M. Clotilde Barcomb   (1922-2015)

    After her First Profession of Vows in 1947, Sister Clotilde Barcomb’s life of service began to take shape and continually mature. For the next 26 ½ years, her ministry took her to various institutions where she praised the Lord through the work of her hands, doing each task with the greatest of care.  (Read more...)

    Sister Clotilde, may you now enjoy the blessed reward of her many deeds of goodness!

  • Sister Mary Flora Papesh   (1924-2015)

    For nearly 30 years, Sister Mary Flora Papesh fulfilled one of her desires to bring healing and compassion to others through her ministry as a Registered Nurse. In time her interest turned to Pastoral Care.  (Read more...)

    Sister Mary Flora, may your heart swell with delight at seeing her God face to face!