Living out the call

As a continuing response to the call to religious life these Sisters heard, they daily give voice to this deep belief through their lives of prayer and service. As you ponder their reflections, perhaps their passion will resonate in your heart, or even better, your heart might be moved to greater openness  and acceptance of the Spirit’s movement in your own personal lives. This is our heartfelt prayer for you. Finally, as St. Francis would say, we wish you peace! 

  • “There is such need in the world today to accept and embrace our own and others’ brokenness.” – Sister Lovina Francis Pammit

  • “Help me to embrace the cross, make me willing to be your disturbing presence, and show me how to do that day by day … when I’d really rather be satisfied

    with what is.” – Sister Christina Fuller

  • “Let us allow Jesus to walk with us so that we can walk with the other, being an instrument of peace, harmony and new life.” – Sister Cipriana Maria Lima

  • “It is our mission, as descendants of St. Francis, to show the world anew that Jesus, the Incarnate Word, came out of love.” – Sister Gayle Lynn Rusbasan   

  • “In our evangelical call to discipleship, may we daily become flashing neon arrows pointing to the splendor and majesty of God.” – Sister Debrah Funfsinn

  • “I must not exclude anyone from my "Good Newsing"—all are my neighbors, my brothers and sisters.” – Sister Karen Marie Lanigan

  •  “I must be open to birthing God in my life, to being "mother," bearing God in my heart and in my body.” – Sister Norma Janssen