Vowed Journey

“This is what I want, this is what I seek, this is what I desire with all my heart.”  (1Celano 22)

We are vowed women religious seeking faithfulness to God's continuous creative action in our lives. As Franciscan, we are impassioned by the Gospel and the spirituality of Francis and Clare as we seek to further God’s dream.  

Joining the Journey

“They should desire one thing alone, namely, the Spirit of God

at work within them.” (TOR Rule Ch. IX-32)

We encourage single Catholic women who wish to journey with us in living a Gospel life and mission that can powerfully impact others. The formation of a Franciscan Sister of the Sacred Heart is the journey of a lifetime. To learn more, please contact Sr. Maria Brizuela at 815.464.3873 or maria.brizuela@fssh.net. (See Vocation Discernment.)

  • Letter to the Sisters from Postulant Viviane

    On the morning of February 21, 2021 in the Sacred Heart Convent in Icoaraci, I took a new step in my vocational and life journey as I entered the stage of the Postulancy. My blood family and the Sisters of my religious family were present. Unfortunately, due to the health restrictions of COVID-19, the American Sisters were unable to be present. However, they were with us in spirit and communion through prayer. Calling to mind our history, the Sisters mentioned the pioneer Sisters, the first Brazilian Sisters and beautifully recalled the history of the congregation here, which still reaps the fruits of these first Sisters today. It was a beautiful celebration with beautiful words of encouragement and guidance for mature discernment for a life centered on Christ. I want to express my sincere thanks to each Sister who so kindly welcomed me through the emails and cards that I received. It showed me the care and affection that all of you have for me. Gratitude to God for yours words, encouragement, trust and prayers. May God always bless us.

    Postulant Viviane

  • Our Vision

    At our General Chapter every five years, we are led by the Spirit in electing our Leadership Team and in creating a Mandatum for reawakening our life and mission.

    Learn about our Leadership Team and General Chapter Mandatum here.

    Learn about our history:  http://www.fssharchives.com/.

  • Our Treasured Gifts

    As gifts for the journey, we treasure personal and communal prayer, community living and the vows of poverty—living as pilgrims, being unencumbered by material things as we work to advance the common good of all; chastity—pledging a single-heartedness to the God who first loved us; obedience—listening and responding to the promptings of the Spirit as we become God’s deepest desire for us.

    Images from a Sister's Profession of Vows.

  • Our Hospitality

    Our Franciscan heritage calls us to live with open hearts and minds, extending hospitality to all. Therefore, we welcome and embrace minorities and diversity in cultures, religious perspectives, prayer styles, talents and professional callings. 

  • Our Ministries & Advocacies


    Our ministries were defined by our founder, Father Wilhelm Berger, as "works of neighborly love." They are carried out in Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, California and Brazil. We serve in health care, education, parish ministry, diocesan ministry, retreat ministry, body work, ministry among the poor in West Virginia and Brazil. Here are ways we care for the poor. All those encountered in these various ministries bless our pilgrim journey.

    Video: Ministries of Love https://youtu.be/QwnM-3G4mko


    We participate in efforts to advance the following advocacies:

  • In Memoriam

    With gratitude, we loving hold in our memory and hearts each Sister who has gone before us as a shining light and bearer of the Good News. Click the image at left to view our In Memoriam page for Sisters.