Works of Neighborly Love

Associates work both individually and in small groups to bring God's love and healing to others. This love can take on many forms, as varied as the dozens of Associates across the United States. Below are just two examples of that love. May the Holy Spirit inspire and guide our Associates in finding ever new and creative ways to help those in need!

Feeding the poor

These special lunches were taken to Robbins, IL where some of our Frankfort Associates have long volunteered to bring clothing and food—and a lot of hope and love—to the poor. Associates Cathy and Chuck Whittier, Arlene Smialek and John Barton carried the compassion-packed lunches to Robbins. The Frankfort Circle pledged to do this at least quarterly, modeling compassion in action!

Bringing awareness & hope

For years now, our California Associates have been focusing on human trafficking awareness. Their public showing of “Nefarious” which drew 200 people, brought together people from many walks of life and placed before the eyes of the public this global issue. The Associates were largely responsible for advertising the event and also raised funds for the writer-director-producer of the film to come for a Q&A session after the showing. 

The Santa Barbara Circle supports Hope Refuge, a retreat for women rescued from human trafficking. After touring the site, they urged community leaders to get involved and increase its support. Some of the Associates who are nurses plan to volunteer in the Hope Refuge clinic in the future.