Why Become an Associate?

  • Unconditional caring

    "As an Associate, I feel a keen sense of belonging to a family who cares for me unconditionally. It is this belonging…this family…this unconditional caring that mirrors for me the goodness of God. This is a gift I am called to pass along to others." - Rosemary Travis

  • A feeling of God's presence among us

    "Years ago when I attended a Jubilee Mass, I felt God’s presence very strongly, and I actually brought me to tears it was so overwhelming. I had this urge to be associated with them, to pray with and for them." - Donna Stepien

  • Deep, personal relationships

    "Being an Associate gives me the opportunity to have a personal relationship with the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Whether it be visiting the Sisters, helping out in little or big ways, or simply uniting in prayer, a very deep relationship is formed with these holy women. It is truly something I treasure deeply." - Paulette Havlin

  • Learning by example

    "Being an Associate has increased my family and friends a hundredfold. Being with the Sisters has enriched my life. I have learned much from their example of love, caring, compassion, hospitality and prayer. Prayer now means more than 'Give me.' " - Emily Johnson

  • Becoming a better person

    "Being an Associate has made me a better person as I attempt to emulate St. Francis by loving my neighbor—especially the poor, the sick, the elderly and the outcasts of society." - Martha De Wald

  • Feeling connected, making a difference

    "I love being an Associate because it helps me to feel connected to something much bigger than just myself and my local community. I feel more in tune with the issues that the Sisters are grappling with as a group, and together we can make changes through united, tangible action and prayer." - Dana VanderMey

  • Growing closer to my Franciscan heritage

    "Being an Associate brings me close to my Franciscan Heritage. The Sisters keep me connected with the correct use of things, the proper way of treating my friends and neighbors, a simple way to live and especially a simple way to pray. Being associated with them brings peace and harmony into my life." - Joanne Gribb, SLW